Cherry Von Lee

Kiss from southern France πŸ’‹

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This is perfect

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Fancies at Viva Las Vegas 17

that metalflake makes my hands sweaty

I don’t care for the spider web top but the rest are amazing

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Anonymous asked: How many years have you been into rockabilly and have you always like rockabilly music. Do you also enjoy other music than rockabilly.


During 6 years ( from 9 to 15 years old) I only listened to metal and gothic music.
I saw a lot of band like Rammstein, Cradle Of Filth, MM, Slipknot, Children Of Boddom…
For my 15th birthday, my aunt gave me a rockabilly cd ( Kitty Daisy & Lewis) and my parents made me discovered Brian Setzer in 2011 (it was my first rockabilly concert)

Rockabilly is my favorite type of music but not the only one I listen !
I love swing, surf, psychobilly, reggae, dancehall and I still listen to metal sometime.

I love music !

Sorry if I do some spelling mistake, my english is not excellent ^^

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