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A flexible rapier made during the 19th century in Toledo, Spain.

I’d wear it as a crown and slit the throat of any man who tried to touch me.

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The man in the picture is Rachid Nekkaz, a French-Algerian businessman living in France.

He heard about the niqab ban in France. Then he announced that he will pay all fines for women who wear the niqab - not just in France but “in any country in the world that bans women from doing so”.

He opened a fund of € 1 million. Then he said, “My sister, go out free wherever you want and I will pay the fine for you”

Allahu Akbar, May Allah reward him.

Tship !!! Why people want to be the slave of this fucking shit created by humans: god ?
So now everybody knows that I against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.
Nobody needs faith to differentiate right from wrong !!

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John Waters’ Cry-Baby (1990)

how many people are exposed to patty hearst and traci lords and don’t understand how “iconic” they are 

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